The studio:  24/7, 365 days a year access. Monthly rental includes all central heating, electricity, wifi and water. No hidden extras and no VAT.

Flexible terms:  We ask for a minimum commitment of 6 months following which, you roll from month to month and we require only one months notice.

Communal: Toilets, Kitchen, dining area and reception.

Central Location: A short walk from both bus stations with secure bike parking.

Security:  Secure tenant access, with security cameras and gated building with entry phone. A car park to the rear for drop offs or pick ups of work and goods. Each studio is a self contained unit with a lockable door.

There are 2 floors at Churchgate Artists Studios

The studios represented here are on the lower floor.

Studio A = 170 sqft (TAKEN)

Studio B = 235 sqft (TAKEN)

Studio C = 200 sqft (TAKEN)

Studio D = 175  (TAKEN)

Studio E = 420 sqft (TAKEN)

Studio F = 220 sqft (TAKEN)

Studio G = 90 sqft (TAKEN)

Studio H = 250 sqft (TAKEN)

Studio I = 250 sqft (TAKEN)

Studios can be shared with a small price increase of 15% to help subsidise the increased management costs incurred (time, keys, insurance, utilities etc).

The Following studios are planned for the top floor.

Studio J = 110 sqft (TAKEN)

Studio K = 110 sqft (TAKEN)

Studio L = 190 sqft (TAKEN)

Studio N = 190 sqft (TAKEN)

Studio M = 190 sqft (TAKEN)

Studio O = 190 sqft (TAKEN)

Studio P = 650 sqft (TAKEN)

Studio Q  = 200 sqft (TAKEN)

Studio R = 200 sqft (TAKEN)

(see pictures of current open plan space)